Get High, Get Straight, Get Real

Mark Graves Photography utilizes three keys to great real estate photography: Get High, Get Straight and Get Real

Get High

The key to great exterior photos is “getting high.” A high angle of attack provides a dramatic view of the home and highlights the yard and landscaping. Mark Graves Photography utilizes extension poles to get the camera at “eye-level” of the house or higher.  Mark Graves is a FAA-certified unmanned aerial systems pilot and uses a remote control drone to capture a birds-eye view of the property.

Eye-Level Exteriors

Eye-Level Exteriors

Standard listing photography includes short pole photography to achieve “eye-level” exterior photos.

UAV Aerials

Get High

Drone photography achieves aerial views of the property.

Get Straight

Get StraightPhotographing interiors can be a very tricky endeavor. Tight spaces require usage of a wide angle lens. However, many photographers make the mistake of using lenses that distort the architectural lines of the house and give a fish-eye look. Mark Graves Photography uses aspheric wide angle lenses that provide a wide view while maintaining the straight architectural lines of the house. Compare against other photographers and you’ll immediately see that Mark Graves Photography gets it straight.

Get Real

Get RealWhile wide angle lenses provide the ability to photograph tight spaces, they also have the ability to make rooms look much larger than they actually are. Mark Graves Photography “keeps it real” by ensuring the lens best represents the size of the room.

After the photos have been taken, all photos are post-edited to eliminate any remaining lens distortion, optimize light levels and balance color. Post-editing ensures the photos represent the home in the best light.